Solar Panels

Solar PanelsHeading north chasing Barra’ and other top N.T. sport fish always creates problems, one of which is how to freeze fish and keep the beer cold for two weeks. On our first trip we took a small generator and one 80 watt solar panel. After the generator spiked and burned out the inverter in my Liemack fridge we were left with one 80 watt panel to run both the Liemack and the Explorer we had just purchased. Big headache - it was obvious two fridges off the one panel was not going to work. With the Liemack drawing twice as much power as the Explorer, we had to try and cram everything into the Explorer and limit the amount of fish we kept.

LED, Light Bar, Head, EVO Prime LED Lightbars

Prime Drive Technology - The Future of LED

The new Vision X Evo Prime LED Light Bar's powerful design and Prime Drive Technology make the Evo Prime everything you need and more. And with a 50,000 hour lifespan, PWM Dimmability, and Electronic Thermal Management all with extremely low amp draw, the Evo Prime from Vision X is the most advanced LED light bars on the market.

Our intercooler range includes...