PWR Performance Products

PWR CoresCross Country 4x4 manufacture their intercoolers using cores by PWR

PWR Performance Products are making full use of the laws of physics, developing several of the most efficient intercoolers in the world. PWR use a revolutionary seamless rounded leading edge tube design throughout the manufacturing process. These tubes have an integrated internal fin with a straight through design, which improves heat transfer for less pressure drop, resulting in higher flow and reduced lag time.


PWR intercoolers are individually hand manufactured using 16 FPI (fins per square inch) and can be custom designed by our in house “AutoCAD” design division or simply just replace your current OEM system for better flow and performance.

  • Low restriction internal turbulators
  • Leading edge tube wall thickness is efficient for strength
  • Light weight
  • Tube dimension (PWR use 55,68 and 81mm intercooler tube)
  • Core Thickness configuration up to 159mm thick
  • Flexibility of custom designs exactly to your needs
  • World class TIG welding
  • State of the art controlled atmosphere brazing process
  • Race and street proven performance
  • Hi-tech “Auto CAD” design division
  • 1 year manufactured warranty
  • Pressure tested and guaranteed

Our intercooler range includes...