Intercooler Systems

intercoolersSo you have decided to intercool your turbo diesel 4x4, smart move! The only problem is you don't know which kit is the performer and value in the market. Sure, you have been looking around at various kits, but the decision still seems a little hazy. Before you part with your hard earned dollars, we urge you to carefully read on and decide if a quality designed system is what you need. Maybe you don't care what you bolt on, as long as you can brag to your mates? If you want a quality system that won't let you down, please read on!


Whether it's a standalone Cross Country FMIC kit or a Cross Country TMIC you can rest assured that we use only top quality parts that have been skillfully assembled by our master craftsmen. We don't want any reliability issues any more than you do! The kits we sell are the same ones we have on our own vehicles.

First of all you need to decide if a top mount cooler (TMIC) will best suit your needs, or whether a front mount cooler (FMIC) will do the trick. Also there's the option of a water-to-air cooler. These various types of coolers are discussed in the article TMIC vs. FMIC vs. Water to Air. The important thing to remember is that a Cross Country cooler is custom made and designed specifically for your vehicle. We can optimise cooler entry/outlets for the best possible flow and vehicle specifics. Many competitors think that a generic cooler will work with all types of vehicles, but that is just not the case. Cross Country utilise the most of available space and custom fabricate the best solution for any given type of vehicle. 

All of the Cross Country 4x4 Intercooler kits have had countless hours of R&D work done to ensure that they will outperform other coolers for cost effectiveness, performance and durability. They also feature our industry leading Pulsed TIG welding of components. Be assured that our system has been put through its paces, tested on and off-road by our 4x4 enthusiasts.

We also have a great deal of off-road racing experience and not had a single failure with any of our kits. It's not only our brand of kit that we have tested, but the competitors as well. That is why we can be so confident that we out-perform the competition time and time again. The quality offered by Cross Country 4x4 is outstanding and industry leading. Now, let's take a careful look at what you're getting!

We start with an ultra high quality Australian built PWR core that has been tailor made for our requirements. These are not off the shelf units, but custom cores that are extremely strong while maintaining a high flow to heat dissipation ratio. We haven't found a better core for the off-road enthusiast. A lot of cooler kits we see other companies selling are just an unmodified or slightly modified Chinese imported coolers. Sure these may make a small difference, but we have found that they underperform in many ways. With a tendency to heat soak (not being able to disburse the heat even with ample air flow because the cooler is a saturation point) and consisting of very fragile fins, at a cost of just over a hundred dollars. After the mark up on these cheap parts, the competitors kits are quite expensive for the few bits of flimsy alloy piping you get!

We fabricate custom high flow tanks from quality 3mm sheet aluminum. The tanks you will find on a Cross Country cooler have been highly refined from drawing board to reality. We've found the best flowing, functional tank to compliment the complete package of our kit. Our custom tanks are cnc folded to ensure perfect fit and are pulse Tig welded - inside and out - to ensure durability and high flow. All our coolers are manufactured in close tolerance jigs to ensure you get a product that fits first time every time for its individual purpose. Because our tanks are fabricated from smooth alloy plate the inside finish is flawless unlike many of the rough finishes inside imported coolers with cast tanks that others are selling with their inferior kits.

Cross Country complete front-mount kits come with superbly crafted 2.5" stainless mandrel bent piping that is pulse tig welded in close tolerance jigs to ensure a perfect fit every time. We pride ourselves in the fact that as every weekend 4x4 enthusiasts, we know the best place to run our quality stainless pipes to avoid damage. We have lost count of the number of people coming to us with an inferior cooler kit, upset that their low slung alloy pipe has been squashed while doing relatively tame off roading. Sure alloy piping may be fine inside the confines of an engine bay, but outside the engine bay it's an entirely different story on a 4x4. That is exactly why we choose mandrel bent stainless steel on our trucks and yours. Remember, how strong is a soft-drink can? Stainless lasts a life time!

Cross Country utilizes 2.5" stainless mandrel bent piping, not 2" alloy as with other kits out there. Why put such small pipe work on a big diesel? Sure, they may not rev as hard as their petrol counterparts but diesels also require good flow! Remember it's not much the size of the restriction but the length of the restriction. A FMIC System is going to add a good few meters to your intake system. Why limit your potential power because other kit manufacturers couldn't be bothered in investing the time and effort into making larger pipe work fit. Ask yourself this, would you fit a 2" diameter snorkel to your car? I didn't think so! We have tested other kits to ensure it's the leading edge, and we know the vital difference between running 2" piping vs 2.5" piping. Don't choke up your diesel, let it provide the power you have always wanted.

A potential problem we have found with other kits is the number of silicon joins in the pipe work. Does there really need to be that many? How do you work out that jigsaw puzzle? Sure it may be easier to manufacture straight bits of pipe with separate bends and lots of silicon joiners rather than having intricate jigs with complex work, but I doubt that will stand up when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere! Silicon will deteriorate with the presence of oil and fuel, the rubber/silicon joins on any turbo system will not last a lifetime. That is why Cross Country kits comes with complex pipe work that is easy to fit and has the least amount of joins.

Everything that you will require to fit your Cross Country cooler system is included in our comprehensive kit. From proper mounting systems to quality clamps, hoses, nuts and bolts etc. The whole lot is included. Our kits have been designed to fit with ease by everybody, no removing of bull bars and the like!

You can rest assured that when you purchase a Cross Country intercooler system you have invested your hard earned dollars in the leading edge of 4x4 cooler kits on the market. Designed by 4x4 enthusiasts, tested by 4x4 enthusiasts and backed 100% by 4x4 enthusiasts. We have been in this industry a long time and we know what we are talking about. Beware of cheap imitations made by illusionists. Insist on genuine Cross Country quality for your 4x4, you won't be disappointed!

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