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PWR Performance Products

PWR CoresCross Country 4x4 manufacture their intercoolers using cores by PWR

PWR Performance Products are making full use of the laws of physics, developing several of the most efficient intercoolers in the world. PWR use a revolutionary seamless rounded leading edge tube design throughout the manufacturing process. These tubes have an integrated internal fin with a straight through design, which improves heat transfer for less pressure drop, resulting in higher flow and reduced lag time.

Top Mount vs Front Mount vs Water to Air

So you have been thinking about getting an intercooler for your turbo-charged vehicle for awhile but have discovered that there’s a few options available to you. Everyone that you have spoken seems to know it all and tells you that this is better or that’s better. Sound familiar? What we will discuss herein is the types of coolers that are out there, in an unbias way, so that you can make up your own mind on what will suit you best.

Intercooler Systems

intercoolersSo you have decided to intercool your turbo diesel 4x4, smart move! The only problem is you don't know which kit is the performer and value in the market. Sure, you have been looking around at various kits, but the decision still seems a little hazy. Before you part with your hard earned dollars, we urge you to carefully read on and decide if a quality designed system is what you need. Maybe you don't care what you bolt on, as long as you can brag to your mates? If you want a quality system that won't let you down, please read on!

Solar Panels

Solar PanelsHeading north chasing Barra’ and other top N.T. sport fish always creates problems, one of which is how to freeze fish and keep the beer cold for two weeks. On our first trip we took a small generator and one 80 watt solar panel. After the generator spiked and burned out the inverter in my Liemack fridge we were left with one 80 watt panel to run both the Liemack and the Explorer we had just purchased. Big headache - it was obvious two fridges off the one panel was not going to work. With the Liemack drawing twice as much power as the Explorer, we had to try and cram everything into the Explorer and limit the amount of fish we kept.

LED, Light Bar, Head, EVO Prime LED Lightbars

Prime Drive Technology - The Future of LED

The new Vision X Evo Prime LED Light Bar's powerful design and Prime Drive Technology make the Evo Prime everything you need and more. And with a 50,000 hour lifespan, PWM Dimmability, and Electronic Thermal Management all with extremely low amp draw, the Evo Prime from Vision X is the most advanced LED light bars on the market.

Dan's 4x4 Extreme Interview

Cross Country 4x4The competition scene these days is ultra competitive, and if you want to be near the top, you need a very well built truck! But when it comes to the racing-style competition, like the outback challenge, horsepower is the key to winning these competitions. Dan Hansen is only new to the competition scene but is already making a big impression.

He bought this GU Ute off the showroom floor back in 2005 with only one thing in mind: to turn it into the ultimate racing truck. The GU has been a favourite in the competition scene for a while now, thanks to their bulletproof driveline and the ease with which they can be modified. While Dan may be new to the competition scene, he definitely isn’t new top 4WDing, already owning a fully decked out 100 Series, which gets the family touring duties and another GU ute with 35s that is used for his bricklaying  job.

Grant's Custom Ute Photoshoot

79 Series Camper4WD Action Custom Ute Magazine interviewed Boss Hog 'Grant' for this one-on-one look at his 79 Series Camper

Love ’em or hate ’em, Toyota makes bloody good 4WD’s and there’s no denying it. Even the most one-eyed Nissan fan has to admit that the 79 Series is an absolute pearler – that 1HD-FTE booster oiler is easily one of the sweetest engines ever to make its way under a 4WD. South Oz-based mechanic and owner of Cross Country 4x4 Grant Kean is one bloke who needs no convincing. In the past he’s owned a 75 Series diesel and a tough old diesel 80 Series that was featured in a previous issue of our sister publication Australian 4WD Action.

West Coast Christmas

 After departing on Boxing Day, we set out for a long and tiring drive to Streaky Bay. Our first night was spent camping at Point Westall. We headed for Sceale Bay the next day, then on to Talia Caves. The day was spent fishing, and at night we ate fresh fish and camped on the beach.

The following night was spent at Elliston Caravan Park, where we enjoyed a much-needed shower! After travelling to Lockswell, the afternoon was spent fishing. Then on to Sheringa, where fishing at the beach resulted in some nice salmon. That afternoon, we set off for Coffin Bay and spent the next few nights at the Yangie Bay camping ground. From there, we had easy access to the Coffin Bay National Park.

A whole day was spent driving to Point Sir Isaac, and we also enjoyed fishing at Gunyah Beach. From there, we went to Port Lincoln to stock up on supplies, and spent some time sightseeing through Port Lincoln National Park. On New Year's Eve, we spent a quiet night at our Yangie Bay camp site, and then returned home.

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