GU Patrol 4.2L Ultimate Top-Mounted Intercooler Kit


GU Patrol 4.2L Ultimate Top-Mounted Intercooler Kit


The Legendary Cross Country ULTIMATE intercooler system for the GU TD42 as used by the Nation’s toughest TD’s.

The Cross Country Intercooler Ultimate Top Mount system is the ideal setup for any GU patrol with forced induction. Whether you are into hard-core 4x4, towing a van or just after some extra power and fuel economy, this cooler is for you. Seeing the need for a high flow, ultra efficient intercooler system with exceptional heat exchanging properties and without sacrificing radiator cooling or ground clearance issues (as with many front mounts) we designed the Ultimate system. From its inception 4 years ago, it has proven to be the most effective, high performance intercooler and is used by the nation’s toughest Trolls pushing over 200 rear wheel kilowatts.

We start with the latest light-weight tube and fin core from PWR. This is coupled with our CNC folded tanks that have been the culmination of years of motorsport fabrication experience, then refined even further using computer flow simulation. This ensures our tanks are highly efficient and provide high even, unrestricted flow to the whole area of the core with no swirl pockets or restrictions. Because our tanks are a hand built sheet aluminium tank they don’t heat soak like cast tanks do. Think of that mass of aluminium in a cast tank being a battery for thermal energy, thick cast tanks store this thermal energy and as a result get to a saturation point (heat soak). For obvious reasons this is very undesirable!

The Ultimate system incorporates a Spal skewed blade fan to provide excellent thermal transfer at low vehicle speeds and the complete cooler is individually hand TIG welded to world class standards by the industries best craftsmen in house at Cross Country. Whether your GU patrol is aftermarket turbo, factory turbo or even factory intercooled everything is included in our kit to make your installation as easy as possible. The cooler is fitted in house by our technicians to our custom powder coated frame, just pull it out the box and bolt it into position using the two factory studs on the firewall. Everything is included from all nuts, bolts, clamps, polished mandrel bent alloy pipework, silicones, bonnet scoop, full instructions, even the wiring loom for the fan is built in house and is a plug n play design that is fully labelled for ease of installation!

The Ultimate system can be configured to suit low and high mounted turbo setups, just specify what you require when ordering. The design of our Fan Forced top mounted intercoolers means they do not suffer heat soak and have been put through rigorous testing on the dyno and in our harsh environment to ensure unrivalled thermal efficiency at low vehicle speeds. Our top mounted systems have been proven to outperform cheap front mounted systems with peak torque coming on around 500rpm sooner and holding on much longer. This is a must for any diesel when you only have around 4000rpm to play with! This is due to our short, unrestricted, direct intake path, computer flow simulated sheet tanks and the latest generation PWR cores used in all our intercooler systems

This kit is extremely simple to fit and does not have half the amount of throttle lagging pipework as other systems on the market.

The only items not made in Australia is the Italian Spal fan but is the best all round fan we can find, so you can be assured the items that come in our kits are of the very best quality.

Please note: EGR will need to be removed for Factory Intercooled Models.

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