GU Patrol 3.0L Intercooler Upgrade


GU Patrol 3.0L Intercooler Upgrade

The Cross Country Intercooler upgrade for the GU3.0Di patrol is simply the best upgrade you could possibly do for this vehicle without a doubt. We start with the latest in core technology from PWR and couple it with our computer flow analyised CNC folded tanks. This alone puts our product miles ahead of the competition in terms of flow, effeciency and build quality. A full Italian made 10" SPAL high performance skew blade fan is mounted to the underside to provide excellent thermal transfer rates at low vehicle speeds. We have done back to back tests with cheaper copies on the dyno and in real world road testing. The Cross Country intercooler is so far ahead it makes other units inferior.

If you are serious about getting the most effecient and reliable power from your ZD30Di powered GU then this Cross Country Intercooler is an absolute must have. The flow area is almost 4 times that of the standard core and offers the race winning effeciency of a PWR core as used by the worlds leading race teams, for a reason! After fitting you will witness your EGT's falling considerably and peak torque production will occur earlier. Peak power is normally lifted around 10rwkw just from the increase in flow and thermal effeciency of our intercooler. This intercooler is extremly easy to fit, even with only basic mechanical knowledge by the home handy man.

Our intercooler kit comes with everything required to fit from all mounting brackets, nuts, bolts, plug and play wiring loom, instructions etc. Just a small triming of the rubber seal on the factory scoop skirt is required.  You can rest assured your hard earned dollar is buying the best possible intercooling solution for this vehicle. We don't use cheap nasty imported bar and plate cores like some manufacturers trying to make a quick buck. Be sure you get the best, insist on genuine Cross Country Intercooler performance and technology. Order yours today.

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