GU Patrol 3.0CRD Upgrade Intercooler


GU Patrol 3.0CRD Upgrade Intercooler

The CrossCountry Intercooler upgrade for the CRD GU 3.0 Patrol shares the same specifications and innovative design as the Di upgrade that has made this cooler an icon within the Patrol community. Boasting the latest in intercooler core technology from PWR, this cooler has nearly 4 times the flow area of the OEM intercooler.  These intercooler cores are used by the worlds leading race teams looking for that unfair advantage to dominate the track and this technology is now directly available for your 4x4 with a CrossCountry Intercooler system.

Coupled with our CNC folded tanks that are the culimination of years of motorsport development , they have also recieved further refinement by computer flow analysis. This ensures our tanks have an even unrestricted flow to the whole area of the core. This combination alone puts our intercooler system way ahead of the competion and sets the standard others strive for. The CrossCountry Intercooler  CRD upgrade is a true upgrade that requires a new frame rail to be welded into place so our massive cooler will fit, this new rail is included in the kit, with step by step photos showing the enlargement process. After all it wouldnt be an upgrade if we made a cooler that fits in the unmodified OEM frame!

All our intercooler systems are 100% Australian made in house using the latest innovations in intercooler technology from leading Australian suppliers. We dont use cheap imported bar and plate cores and cast tanks while claiming to be Australian made. Beware of illusionists, insist on genuine Australain made CrossCountry4x4 Intercoolers, race proven and real world tested for our harsh conditions. Give your Troll the best advantage you can, order your Cross Country Intercooler today!

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