GU DI ultimate


GU DI ultimate

We start with the latest light-weight tube and fin core from europe. This is coupled with our CNC folded tanks that have been the culmination of years of motorsport fabrication experiance, then refined even further using computer flow simulation. This ensures our tanks are highly effecient and provide high even, unrestricted flow to the whole area of the core with no swirl pockets or restrictions. Because our tanks are a hand built sheet aluminum tank they dont heat soak like cast tanks do. Think of that mass of aluminum in a cast tank being a battery for thermal energy, thick cast tanks store this thermal energy and as a result get to a saturation point (heatsoak). For obviuos reasons this is very undesirable!

Reducing temperatures while increasing your power, torque and economy is exactly what this ultimate intercooler does!

The fan is mounted underneath the cooler to pull air through at low speeds.

The Top Mount intercooler can be fitted by the home handyman with a few mods and comes with everything you need to fit your frame and cooler.
The kit includes a 600x330x50 tube and fin core, frame, wiring loom, silicons, clamps and bonnet scoop.


Our intercooler range includes...