D22 Navara Top Mount Intercooler Kit


D22 Navara Top Mount Intercooler Kit

After the huge demand for our GU Patrol and Landcruiser intercoolers that we released a few months ago and the excellent results that our customers are experiencing, we have had many requests for a similar top mount Intercooler to suit the D22 3.0L Navara.

We have finally completed testing on these Navara Intercoolers and they are now ready for sale!

During testing we found that inlet temperatures were in excess of 170 degrees C. With our cooler fitted these temperatures dropped to below 60 degrees C, as well as the cooler reducing EGT's ( exhaust gas temperatures ) and increasing torque.

As with all of our Top Mount Intercooler kits, these kits are fitted with a 10" thermo fan mounted under the core to draw a constant flow of cool air through.
They also come with a scoop, all mounting brackets, pipes, hoses and fittings. Everything you need!

Our intercooler range includes...