MN Triton Intercooler Upgrade


MN Triton Intercooler Upgrade

Our latest addition to our ever-growing arsenal of leading Intercooler systems is the mighty MN Triton upgrade. The Tritons OEM cooler while being a quite efficient unit is way too small for good thermal energy transfer and is also hindered quite badly by lack of adequate airflow needed for efficient thermal transfer. Not only this, but the OEM unit is of very restrictive design, thus limiting the total air flow and power producing capabilities of your engine.

Cross Country 4x4 have again proved themselves to be number 1 with the development of this highly efficient Intercooler upgrade system for the MN. The system is based around the latest in Intercooling Core Design from PWR, meaning you are getting the latest in technology for your 4x4. This type of technology has been developed and refined from years of winning achievements in the international motor sport arena, from F1 to Paris Dakar. You’ll be rest assured, knowing that your hard-earned dollar are buying you the latest innovative and very best design of what the industry has to offer. We do not use cheap imported cores or cast tanks from overseas, no way! Our products are a reflection on us, therefore we only offer the very best for our customers.

The MN Intercooler is assembled in house, with CNC folded smooth flowing sheet tanks and is then pulse TIG welded by the industries best, first class welders. These tanks are the culmination of years of motorsport fabrication experience and have been refined through computer analysis to ensure a high flowing tank that provides even, unrestricted flow to the whole core. On the dyno, the new cooler didn’t disappoint either, with total power up by over 10rwkws and with it coming in a lot sooner and stronger. Power stayed up during all 5 runs unlike the OEM cooler which the power fell away from, run after run. That is something that is more commonly seen with cheap imported bar and plate type cores.
The other issue we solved with the Triton was a problem only associated with the automatic version. The OEM transmission cooler is way too small and hindered by lack of airflow. This did not allow for effective cooling of the transmission fluid which is a death sentence for your auto transmission! We have upgraded the transmission cooler to a massive 30,000btu rating cooler and relocated the cooler to a much more efficient position.

This cooler is well over more than triple the flow area of the standard cooler and is an absolute must have for anyone wanting that extra out of their Triton!

Whether you’re towing, tackling hard 4x4 landscapes or just wanting some extra grunt, Cross Country’s MN Triton upgrade has the legendary performance and reliability! Proving itself one of the best mods you will ever do!

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