Nissan ZD30 Anti Hand Grenade Kit

Cores by PWR

Got a 3.0L GU Patrol? Want a bullet proof ZD30?
Then our  ZD30 Anti Grenade kit for your Nissan is the best place to start.

This kit will control your boost to an accurate & safe level eliminating devastating boost spikes which ZD30's are prone to and DO NOT like! A high flow oil catch is also detrimental to the life of your ZD eliminating the power robbing oil mist and gummed up plaque in the intake manifold and valves etc. This is basically harmfull carbon deposits that your engine should never be injesting!

All this combined with our stealth EGR blank plate can eliminate the massive problems associated with the ZD's exhaust recirculation and gummy intakes.

For the price, this is surely the most cost effective insurance for your 3.0L Patrol.
This is a must have upgrade! 

Category: GU Patrol
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Price AUD: $350.00

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