Landcruiser VDJ 76/78/79 New Cooler


Landcruiser VDJ 76/78/79 New Cooler

On a trip to the Coburg Peninsula Far North NT in aug 2012, my travelying partners VDJ79 with alloy canope and 3 tonne Kedron van showed respectable fuel consumtion of 17L/100km at 90-100kph highway cruise, EGT's were 370c.
When we got to the last 300km low speed section of the Coburg peninsula, 2nd-3rd gear 40-60kph, these figures blew out to 27L/100km and EGT's were between 650/750c! This showed the Intercooler was next to useless in these high load low speed situations.
Once back in Adelaide we set about designing a totally new Intercooler! Starting with a custom 660mm x300mm x76 tube and fin core, utilizing our proven sheet metal tanks and fitting twin 10inch spal thermo fans to the underside of the Intercooler! The cooler was fitted to the same vehicle and tested in similar conditions. The testing was carried out in the Flinders Ranges. Fuel consumption figures were down to 16L/100km on the highway with EGT's at 325c and 14.5L/100km with EGT's at 450c in the low speed high load sections.  Proving the newly designed cooler to be much more effective, not only on the highway cruise but in the low speed, high load sections too!

The Intercooler comes in a kit which includes - Intercooler, Pipe work, Silicons, Clamps, Brackets, Fan looms and Instructions.

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