GQ Patrol TD42 Intercooler Kit


GQ Patrol TD42 Intercooler Kit


Cross Country Intercooler GQ TD42 Fan Forced Top Mount

This Intercooler system is a must have for those serious about extracting the best from their TD42 powered GQ. With the ability to flow in excess of 700hp, our GQ cooler leaves other imitations in its wake!

We start with the latest in Intercooler core technology from PWR as the basis for all our coolers and combine it with our highly efficient CNC folded sheet tanks that have been the culmination of years of motorsport experience, along with computer flow analysis.
The end result is a highly efficient tank that ensures immaculate, unrestricted, even flow to the whole area of the core.

The GQ Intercooler is fan forced by a 10" skewed blade Spal unit mounted underneath, this provides excellent thermal transfer rates at low vehicle speeds. 
As this kit is a high flowing top mount design, the pipework is kept to a minimum, meaning torque is produced much earlier than front mounted systems.

The kit includes a black powder coated CNC bent tubular frame that mounts the cooler to the vehicles body, thus insulating the cooler from engine vibration, providing a very strong, stable mounting system.
All nuts, bolts, clamps, silicones, polished alloy pipe work, bonnet scoop, template, plug 'n' play wiring loom are included for easy, trouble free installation.

This intercooler dramatically reduces operating temperatures while increasing power, torque and economy.
With the right tuning, a gain of up to 30% is easily achievable with this system in place. With the correct mods we have seen over 200rwkw's made through our TD42 top mounts!

The design of our Fan Forced Top Mounted Intercoolers means they do not suffer heat-soak and have been put through rigorous testing on the dyno and in our harsh environment to ensure unrivalled thermal efficiency at low vehicle speeds.
Our top mounted systems have been proven to outperform cheap front mounted systems, with peak torque normally coming on around 500rpm sooner and holding much longer. 
A must for any diesel when you only have around 4000rpm to play with! This is due to the short direct intake path of our coolers, computer flow simulated tanks and the latest generation PWR cores used in all our intercooler systems.

Insist on only genuine Cross Country Intercoolers, as used on the nation’s most powerful TD42's! South Australian made, Quality assured!



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